Showing The Homeless

They Are Important

Extravagant Love

We were shown the greatest example in Christ, extravagant love can change a life.

Intentional Pursuit

We meet them where they're at, physically and emotionally, and greet them with open arms.

Real Relationships

We encourage building relationships because we were designed to live in community.

At YAIPaks everything starts with

the extravagant love of Christ. God

pursues each one of us to redefine our

identity, restore our dignity, and remind

us how deeply we are loved.

Our homeless friends have been lost and forgotten by the world, but they are important. We are here to extravagantly love them the same way we’ve been loved by God.

We meet them with open arms,  

where they’re at. By providing support,

comfort, resources, and the love of Christ,

we see life-changing transformation.

We encourage building relationships because everyone needs community. It’s how we are designed. So at YAIPaks, you’ll find a family.

What They’re Saying

I was only planning to volunteer one Thursday night. However, the atmosphere, the other volunteers, and actually seeing that my time/effort is really making an impact in peoples’ lives is what keeps me coming back each week, and sometimes twice a week.

Arlinda BaxterVolunteer

Volunteering together as a couple, and as a family, has helped give us authentic quality time together while also doing something meaningful and impactful. We love YAIPaks and we make volunteering for them a priority, and in turn that makes our family time a priority.

Ben & Kathryn WalkerVolunteers

Giving of our time and resources is one of the most rewarding things in life. God blesses us so that God can work a blessing through us. That’s the amazing beauty of volunteering and also the evidence of God's extravagant love.

Cristol Neal-FalconVolunteer

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